The Black Lantern Resort 20 miles North of Itasca State Park 25 min. West of Bemidji, MN 612-812-7309
The Black Lantern Resort20 miles North of Itasca State Park25 min. West of Bemidji, MN612-812-7309 

Ideas to do while you are here!

Roasting over the Fire:  S'mores, hot dogs, or a masterpiece over your campfire! We reccommend "Hobos" Wrap hamburger, carrots, potatoes, lots of butter, seasoned salt, and onion in strong tinfoil and set over the fire, turning it periodically. mmmmmmm


Have a Picnic Under the Pavilion, or nightime cocoa/cider when all the Christmas lights come on at sundown under the pavilion and the stars come out. The pavilion is outfitted with 100 amps of electricity so if your family wants to organise a potluck there are places to plug in a radio and crockpots/warmers. 


Go Fishing: Cast a line in right off the dock, or take out one of the paddled boats into the litle lake and peer into the weeds to try to see turtles and schools of fish. Watch the sunset off the end of the dock to and sometimes the mist will roll in off the creek at sunset- a sight to see. Bait can be bought in Shevlin at the corner bar.


Go Paddling: There are canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and an oar boat on the lake to tool around on. It is a pretty little lake. There are life jackets in the dock house to use, this is not a swimming lake, it is too weedy.


Photography: There are soooo many beautiful flowers, fungi, trees, insects, and wildlife on the property that it is fun to take the camera and log your trip. 


Rent a Golf Cart: We have a couple golf carts for rent that make it much easier to explore the vast property and keep cool on hot days by just cruising around.


ATV's are Welcome: There are ATV trails crisscrossing our property and some on the adjoining county memorial forest. They are fun to explore the backroads on. Your ATV must have insurance on it in order to bring it on our property.


Bring a Sprinkler: If you have little ones and are worried about the heat, bring a sprinkler for them to run through! It is fun and passes the time. 




Explore the Trails: There are multitudes of trails on the property including one in a small abandoned gravel pit that is grown in with trees, a fun place for the kids to play in the sand. There are trails that take you deep in the woods too.


Bring a Bicycle: We see lots of families bring bicycles, it gives kids and parents a little extra freedom and enables them to cruise the property easier. 


Mushroom Hunting: ONLY for experienced foragers, consequences are deadly and dangerous. 


Get Romantic: Under the ceremony arches in the venue area. Many couples have said their vows here, or proposed, love is in the air here! A great place to tell your loved one how much you care about them!


Bonfire: For company parties or family reunions, we will build a huge bonfire depending on the weather. The bofire lasts all night, there are no quiet hours for it and it costs $100.


Pick a Wildflower Bouquet: 


Wading in the Creek: On grossly hot days, you can venture to the fresh creek with a sandy bottom, and shallow water not deeper than a couple feet, it is in the shade of the trees and is refreshing. Bring the bug spray, and maybe even a lawn chair to set in in the shallow slow flowing creek. The creek is on public land, and certainly better than nothing. Diections are: out of our driveway take a left onto dirt road, drive underneath the big electric highlines, take your first left on minimum maintenance trail and follow he trail all the way down. Park BEFORE the bridge. The bridge is dangerous, rickety and old, I do not reccommend even walking on it, just walk to the side of it into the cool creek.





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